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Change VM Name in VMWARE PLayer

If you have multiple VMs in VMware Player, having meaningful names is probably part of the planning process.

But things change.

So when you need to change the hostname of your virtual machine, you’ll want to change the name of the VM as well.  This happens in a number of different locations so depending how picky you are, you may only want to do one or two of these steps.

In VMware Player

I’m using the wonderful VMware Workstation 12 Player.  This is a great choice if you have decent hardware but don’t want to wipe out your primary OS to run virtual machines in a dedicated hypervisor like ESX or Hyper-V.  VMware Player is free for noncommercial use and doesn’t support snapshots or centralized management, but it’s perfect for a home lab while studying for your RHEL certification Smile with tongue out.

I want to rename my RHEL 7 Server from “RH7Server” to “RH7-SRV01”.  You can use your own naming convention.  In my environment I plan to use no more than 5 VMs, so <OS>-<role><sequence> is an ideal convention.

Open up VMware Player.  The left panel shows the names of your registered VMs.  To change the display name of a VM right-click the VM, click Settings, then go to the Options tab.  Change “Virtual machine name” and click OK.



The displayed VM name has been updated.



To change the name of the associated VM files, please see the next post, Changing VMware Workstation VM File Names.