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Connecting to OUTLOOK.COM accounts on Android

I use the default Samsung Mail app that comes with the Galaxy series (I prefer this over every other mobile email app for its usage of space, swipe options , appearance and many other features!)  After using NFC to sync my old phone and the new one, my Outlook email opened in the Gmail app which I definitely do not want to use.  Stranger though, I could not add my Outlook account in order to sync my contacts because the account was already in use.  Removing the account introduced new problems – now I couldn’t add the Outlook.com account at all. 

Microsoft changes its supported email clients (goodbye OE and Live Mail, hello Windows Mail or the browser).  Compounding the issue are the constantly changing addresses from which your account will retrieve mail – remember, these are statically set on a mobile device or a client, not automatically redirected with DNS as when you are using the web interface.

The Fix

Screenshot_20161106-141005Let’s re-add the account.  On the “Add new account” page I enter the address and password, then tap “Sign In”.   Easy enough, right?





Screenshot_20161106-140615Nope.  When I click “Sign In”,  I’m stuck at “Checking incoming server settings” message forever.  I left it this way for 30 minutes and it would not progress.




Screenshot_20161106-141005 - CopySo I tried Manual settings.   Everything looks normal, since I set this up on my previous replacement phone a couple of weeks ago.





Screenshot_20161106-141022A number of Microsoft help pages tell you to use alternate mail servers – m.hotmail.com, s.outlook.com, among others.  None of the suggested addresses yielded different results.


On a hunch, I tried using “m” (which I can only assume is for “mobile”) in front of “outlook.com”. 


Screenshot_20161106-141153And I was right- the server that worked for me was m.outlook.com.